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[News] September Promotion 50%

September Promotion: 
Bonus 50% credits and GM BOXES for donations from 29.09-01.10

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[News] First CS X5000

Congratulations to the EvilKids guild on their successful capture of the castle after a new start desired in all respects!

The store on the site is open.

X-Shop in the game has been updated. To update, you need to re-enter the game through the launcher.

I also remind you that a newbie bonus has been added: 20 resets, 10,000 stats, 100kk Zen and 3-day vip when creating a new account and character!

We wish everyone a good productive game :)

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[News] START BONUS X5000

Hello everyone, a small bonus for all newbies on our server:
Bonus up to 20% to the x5000 donation made in advance before the start of the server!

Registration for x5000 is open!

Looking forward to a hot Friday :)

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