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[News] * New Year Updates *

Hello everyone! The VIKINGSMU administration congratulates you on the upcoming year 2022 and wants to please you with an interesting new name with an update! :)

More details :

- Added some Christmas items to the Lorencia Drop Event;

- 31.12.2021 at 23:45 server time, there will be a New Year Lorencia Drop Event;

- Added to the game 1 set of Christmas things for each class, also 1 weapon, more details ;

- Drop of the New Year collection for the Christmas Event, with goblins and Santa;

- Added small Christmas decorations to the site and to the game;

- Added Christmas Coin to the drop on all maps, drops from all mobs, the higher the level of the monster, the higher the drop percentage;

- Collect coins and on 26.12.2021 at 18:00-20: 00  (server time) who will have the most Christmas Coin will receive a good prize, only 10 prizes;

1st place - Top Weapon or Shield (maximum options, maximum sharpening) + 5 GM BOX + 5000 WcoinC

2nd place - Top 3rd Wings + 15 + l + ignore + hp 7% + 4 GM BOX + 4000 WcoinC

3rd place - Top Pendant (maximum options, maximum sharpening) + 3 GM BOX + 3000 WcoinC

4th place - Top Ring (maximum options, maximum sharpening) + 3 GM BOX + 3000 WcoinC

5th place - Top Ring (maximum options, maximum sharpening) + 3 GM BOX + 3000 WcoinC

6-10th place - 3000 WcoinC + 3 GMBOX :)

- Added a new boss Cursed Santa with his guard 10 Cursed Goblin, more details ;

- Cursed Santa and 10 Cursed Goblin appear in Lorencia or Davias at 00:01, 12:01, 16:01, 20:01;

- 30.12.2020 at 20:00 on the server on the Davias map of the x5000 server there will be an attack by ZloySanta, for the murder of which you can get TOP weapons Castle Siege Edition (maximum options, maximum sharpening);

- 30.12.2020 Immediately after the ZloySanta attack there will be a good drop event;

- On these New Year holidays, you will also be pleased with a new event: "New Year's lottery", its essence lies in the fact that everyone who decides to help the server financially from 13.12.21 to 12.01.22 gets the opportunity to win many great prizes! For every $ 5 donated for the development of the project, you will receive a lottery ticket. Prizes and a list of participating in the lottery can be found in the guides section .

Attention! This update will be introduced on 13.12.21 from 10:00 to 12:00 server time !

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[News] Bonus all new players!

Hello dear players!

Introducing the newbie bonus:

- 20 RESETS;

- 10000 STATS;

- 100kk;


We wish you all a good game!



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[News] First Castle Siege after new start!:)

Congratulations to the ACES guild on the successful capture of the castle and wish you success in all your endeavors!

Shop on the site is open.

The X-Shop in the game has been updated.

We wish you all a good productive game :)

We are resting in good old Mu online together :)

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