[News] Update #7.05

Hello experienced Vikings Mu players! Congratulations on past and upcoming holidays! Our team wants to please you with pleasant updates on the x5000 server, namely:

- Increased the percentage of dropping GM GIFT from bosses;

- Fixed recent quests from Quest Master from Lorencia;

- The spots in the castle in Land of Trial were reworked, new ones were added, the old ones were improved, the experience gained was increased;

- Slightly improved character ratio in PVP;

- For fans, a little reinforced MG;

- All characters received a small increase in HP in accordance with their class;

- For fans of the arena, the amount of drop of zen on this map was raised;

- In Daviase at coordinates 204 61 there will be a small Adminshop with good things for WCoinC;
- Taken note and improved some of the points associated with the settings;

- Added several new cheats to our anti-cheat database;

- Post on the main and secondary server is integrated, now in Crywolf, Loren Deep and all other maps it is 1;

- Corrected the mismatch of the necessary and actual points on Albatros Bow;

- Raised the drop of Pinck of Chocolate wherever it falls;

- Allowed the transfer of FO things in the trade from one account to another without a profit goal;

- A new Jewel of Ancient stone has been introduced into the game, it creates from an ordinary and exe thing an antsient thing;

- Maximum options for exe things to be able to create anc + exe = 3;

- Anc + fo sets are only for sale at the administration;

- Jewel of Ancient added to the drop with top bosses and gm gift;

- A new boss "Custom Ancient Boss" has been added to the game; it appears every day at 22:30 on one of the locations (Davias / Noria / Lorencia) throughout the map;

- Jewel of Ancient and GM GIFT added to the drop with "Custom Ancient Boss", the boss is equal in strength to the Diablo boss;

All changes will take effect on 07,05,20 after reconnecting the server in the interval 21:30 - 22:30 server time (UA). Rebooting will take no more than 5 minutes.

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[News] May discounts! Shock - 30%!

                                                                                                              May discounts! Shock - 30%!

Hello everyone, congratulations on past and upcoming holidays! In honor of this, we give you a gift: + 30% to the donation for Credits and nice gifts from the administration!

The promotion will be valid from 04.24.20 to 05.24.20

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