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Official Mu Helper Clicker Setting 2

7) permanent buff Mode. Install the desired BAF and it will be automatically updated.
8) Reset and save settings.

- Potion can be treated with potions
- In Auto Heal can be treated with skill (the race of elves Healing)
4-1. Automatic treatment settings
1. When the value of the health level drops to low, it will automatically be applied the Healing Potion .
2. When the health level drops to low, the Healing ability (for the elf race) will be automatically applied.
If you play an Elf(SM) character, you will have additional settings here:
This setting avtobiff party. To aktivirovat this avtobiff check on the Party, to set - click Setting:
Here you can configure autocast Heal, activating the Preference of Party Heal and setting the position of the slider in the appropriate position (the lighter the strip the less CP party members needed to use Heal).
You can also configure avtobiff all members of the party, activating the Buff Duration for All Party Members and setting the right time avtobiff Time Space of Casting.

1) the Choice of the radius of the gathering drop;
2) Automatic repair of ammunition;
3) the Collection of all objects lying nearby;
4) Collecting certain items;
5) Add your item to the list.
In our example, the character will pick up-stones, Excellent things, Heart of love and Broken sword.


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