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[News] UPDATE X100K

Congratulations to the MaFiA guild on the successful capture of the castle after the start of x100000 and we wish you success in all your endeavors!

Small update:

- Newbie bonus added: 50 resets, 25000 stats, 100kk zen and 3 day vip when creating a new account and character;

- Slightly increased zen drop on such maps as Ferea and Arena;

- Mobs from 1 top spot are divided into other spots Ferea, Deep Dungeon, Abyss Atlans;

- Increased the number of some mobs for faster completion of the quest system;

- Increased the number of boxes for Lorencia Drop Event;

- Reduced the amount of GR to get top items;

- For longer pvp in a siege, the maximum damage of all classes has been reduced by 30%;

- Who has not noticed, in the arena after death the character appears at the beginning of the arena, it is made so that the spots do not occupy the spots for a long time;

- Minor edits;

We wish you all a good productive game :)

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