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[News] Update #23.05

Hello everyone, a small update on our VIKINGS MU project! :)

- Removed zeroing of all skills after Grand Reset, there will be no more problems with Master Level Skill after GR;

- Added the ability to replace one ants set with another analogue (for example: Enis to Anubis)

by adding a Jewel of Ancient stone to an Ancient thing, success rate: 30%;

- Fixed dmg for new weapons;

- Increased the number of options in exe and anc - 4 opts;

- Fixed the server time, does not change when the clock is translated;

- Slightly increased the chance of dropping exellent and ancient items with Luck;

- Increased magic defense of top bosses, and slightly reduced physical defense;

- Revised dmg for BK, slightly increased dmg in PvE and PvP;

- Also in the process of new interesting updates, will be released somewhere in June-July.

All of the above updates will be introduced today 23.05 from 19: 00-22: 00 on the server after a minute of server reboot.

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