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[News] Update 20.06

Another small update:

- Inferno boss increased drop to 3 stones;

- Chance of dropping Crystal of Exellent from Inferno boss increased by 2 times;

- Increased by another 30% DMG, DEF bosses: God of Water, Deep Dungeon;

- Added location Loren Market, now OFFTRADE sale only on it;

- Added ability to teleport to Davias 4 and Barracks;

- Work has been done to improve Golden Fenrira, now it gives +15% DMG, +15% DEF, +30000 HP, +20% EXP and +20% DROP ZEN;

- Added a new boss Darion Boss, respawn all the same cards as Inferno only + more Tarkan, Icarus and Aida;

- Darion Boss respawns on Sundays at 21:00 on the server;

- Drop from Darion Boss one random weapon Vikings +9-15.

Regarding x100000, the launch date is unchanged on July 1, more details will be in a separate news.

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