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[News] VIKINGS MU Start 10.10.20 x5000

NEW LIFE! OPENING OF X5000 10.10.20 18 00 KIEV

Everyone within 24 hours, upon registration of Platinum VIP for 1 day! =)

P.S. Donate shop will not work for the first week, only purchase of VIP and bonuses in x shop for Wcoinc!

The main characteristics of the server:

  • Experience gained x5000
  • (Dynamic Exp by GrandReset)
  • Experience gained x5000
  • (Dynamic Exp by GrandReset)
  • Drop: 60%
  • Server Season: Season 3 Episod 1 Fun Remake
  • Maximum level: 400;
  • Maximum reset: 200;
  • Maximum grand reset: 20;
  • Grand reset: from 200 reset;
  • Maximum stats: 32767;
  • Guild creation level: 250;
  • Level to activate MU Helper: 1;
  • Help NPC Buffer: up to level 250;
  • Game commands: / addene / addagi / addstr / addvit / addcmd and others;
  • Reliable protection against almost all existing cheats, speed hacks and dupes;
  • Bonuses for voting for the server;
  • Unique, finely detailed spots in all locations;
  • Unique playable Quest System, consists of 236 quests; +15 pcs, New!
  • Convenient game panel in the game;
  • Diverse X-SHOP;
  • High-quality assembly and protection from third-party software!
  • Server uptime: 24/7;
  • 7 new stones with useful properties;
  • There is a possibility of creating Ancient from ordinary or exellent;
  • Jewel of Exellent can only be added to Exellent with at least 1 option, that is, you cannot add it to a regular one;
  • A combination of Exellent (3 Options maximum) + Ancient is acceptable;
  • All Ancient sets only from the standard season 3 set;
  • The ability to transfer FO items to Trade;
  • In-game trading system!
  • Possibility to change Party Leader;
  • Reconnect system. Recovering to the party after leaving or breaking the connection;
  • Unique Offline pumping;
  • Premium system;
  • 8 chests;
  • Party Search System;
  • Displaying spots on Minimap (TAB);
  • New weapons Castle Siege Edition Items;
  • Unique system of internal economy;
  • 3D Camera;
  • Exchange of game hours for WCoinC;
  • Sharpening Jewel of Soul - 60%;
  • Sharpening Jewel of Life - 60%;
  • Luck increases the enchant of Jewel of Soul by 20%;
  • New interesting locations;
  • New unique monsters and bosses

  • Events:

  • Blood castle
  • Devil's square
  • Golden Invasion
  • Skeleton Invasion
  • White mage invasion
  • Chaos castle
  • Castle siege
  • Kantru (Maya & Nightmare Event)
  • Crywolf
  • Barracks
  • Refuge
  • Raklion
  • Arena happy time
  • TvT Battle Event
  • Anubis Invasion
  • Medusa Invasion
  • Lucky event
  • Kundun Invasion
  • Illusion temple event
  • Golden archer event
  • Double goer event
  • Farea BOSS
  • Diablo invasion
  • Custom ancient boss
  • Dier Premium Boss
  • Dinofols Karutan Boss
  • Golden kundun invasion
  • Golden erohim invasion
  • Golden Hell Maine Invasion

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[News] Update #26.09

Hello! News regarding the new update:

- Strengthened several spots in the Land of Trial for stronger ones + replaced several regular spots with point ones;

- Dier Premium Boss now spawns 3 times a day, at 00:15, 10:15 and 18:00;

- Expanded the area for items drop in the Lucky Drop Event, slightly improved and changed the drop list of the event;

- Rewrote the drop list for all Box of Kundun;

- Added the need for Jewel of Skill (weapons and shields without Skill also drop from the Box of Kundun);

- Fixed Master Tree for DL ​​and MG (Now all branches are fully functional);

- Based on this, the balance of the characters has been slightly tweaked;

- Increased durability of things and weapons, now they will break less often;

- Increased vitality of all Pets;

- Introduced into the game Silver Box and Golden Box, drops to Land of Trials, Blood Castle 7-8, Devil Square 5-7;

- Silver Key and Golden Key drop in all locations from monsters above level 100;

- Added display of spots on MiniMap (TAB button);

- Slightly increased the experience gained on the Raclion map;

- Increased the percentage of sharpening with the Jewel of Ancient stone, now it should burn less often;

- Slightly increased the number of received WCoinС, WCoinP and GoblinP for killing bosses;

- Added reward WCoinС, WCoinP and GoblinP for killing some gold;

- Sword Daybreak, Explosion Blade, Thunder Blade, Dark Breaker are now one-handed, they are certainly not top in strength, but there is a good variety for fans of one-handed swords;

- Added Party Search system to the game;

- Updated X-SHOP, added some new items, now you can buy good equipment for Goblin points, it makes sense to collect them;

- Several new weapons have been added to the game, 1-2 for each class and 1 shield. These weapons will only be brewed by Sinior in Loren Deep by the invading guild (I remind: Senior brew once a day);

- In terms of defense, shields are slightly better than top ones, and weapons are close to top ones in strength, but not better. Pleasant variety of gameplay;

- Added 3 new bosses (Golden Erohim, Golden Hell maine, Golden Kundun);

- Redesigned spots, added new ones, reduced the divergence of monsters from their spawn points;

- Server protection has also been slightly improved.

The update will be introduced tomorrow during the day, with a complete server reboot. It is possible that due to the large number of new files, the launcher will not start the first time (maximum from 4-5). You can also download the new client.

P.S. 10.10.20 at 18:00 UA on our server there will be a long-awaited reset of the entire gameplay and a fresh fresh start! More details in a separate news. Winter Guild Confrontation is coming! ;)

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[News] Small update #10.08

Hello! Small summer update:

- Tweaked Master Skill Tree for DL and MG, all branches work;

- Improved the balance between characters based on the update;

- Expanded the maximum Master Level to 400;

- Increased durability of weapons, items and jewelry;

- Increased survivability for all pets;

- Made minor changes to the gameplay.

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