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[News] Small update #10.08

Hello! Small summer update:

- Tweaked Master Skill Tree for DL and MG, all branches work;

- Improved the balance between characters based on the update;

- Expanded the maximum Master Level to 400;

- Increased durability of weapons, items and jewelry;

- Increased survivability for all pets;

- Made minor changes to the gameplay.

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Hello experienced and new VIKINGS MU players, the administration wants to please you with a number of good news, namely:

- A system of bonuses for new players and rolling clans has been developed;

- During registration, each new player receives a Platinum Vip for 7 days;

- When switching to our server by a company or a clan more than 10 real people, you get a bonus of $50 from the administration for the development of the clan! The amount will be calculated at the rate in the Donate section in the currency - Credits and divided into at least 5 people from your company (Clan);

- New bonus for capturing the castle: $10 in the currency of Credits + 3 GM GIFT on the balance of the clan that captured the castle !;

- Also on the Davias map at coordinates 204 61, an Adminshop was introduced, in which from time to time you can buy good things, stones, weapons, wings and boxes for WCoinC;

- Improved balance between classes;

- Increased the number of quest hard-to-reach mobs for all maps;

- A player who takes 1st place in the voting for the server on the last day of the month gets $ 10 in Credits to his game account, votes are checked carefully on each rating site;

- The remuneration for voting was increased 2 times, namely from 10 WCoinC to 20 WcoinC.

All changes will take effect on 05.07.20 after reconnecting the server in the interval 18:00 - 20:00 server time (UA). Rebooting will take no more than 5 minutes.

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