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Team vs Team

An interesting event was developed, the name of which is Team vs Team (TvT). The event is held on a separate card. The essence of the event: PVP battle.

Team vs Team - takes place every day at 17:15 and at 22:15.
Team vs Team - lasts 5 minutes. The one who kills everyone wins

To participate in the event you need:

  • Not a member of a party;
  • Go to (NCP) Mu Alies General which is located in the city of "Lorencia" at coordinates 130x143, and talk to him;

  • If all the points are completed, he will transfer you to the safe area of the Team vs Team event'a, after which you will be taken to the battle arena.


  • The winner will receive 3 Pink Chocolate Box as a reward from which the Kundun Box + 1-5 may fall.
  • Optional: 50 WCoinC, 50 WCoinP, 50 Goblin Points.

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