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Description of Reset System

On our server Mu Online there is a reset system. Reset - reset all stats, level and experience. After the reset, your character will be level 1, but he will also be given additional points (points) for distribution to the parameters.
The stats for the reset:

DK/BK, DW/SM, FE / ME get 600 distribution points for reset, MG, DL get 650 points. Ie with each new racetam this number of points is multiplied by the number of Reshetov. For example, on the 10th reset DW will have 600 * 10=6000 points for distribution. 
Reset on the Vikings Mu Online server is done in the game, through the Game Menu in the lower right corner.
Basic requirement:
- Be required level.
- Not to be a phonoman (not to have a single killa). Phonomans can not reset.
- There must be a certain amount of zen on the character (written in the menu).
- After 150 resets, Jewel of Reset Stone is required.

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