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List of useful commands


Team             Description
/partyleader Nick       change party leader (Example: / partyleader Nick)
/pkclear       Cleaning PC
/dcfriend account password      Account discount
/mlreset      Reset tree skills

Teams for communication:

Team    Description
/post    Send a message to the whole world. 
@    Send a message to the Guild chat.
@@    To send a message to the Alliance chat.
@>    The announcement from the master of the Guild.
/re on    Accept requests from other players.
/re off    Do not accept requests from other players.
/re auto    Automatically accept requests from other players.

Teams to distribute free stats:

Team    Description
/addstr    To distribute stat points in Strength.
/addagi    To distribute stat points in Agility. 
/addvit    To distribute stat points in Vitality. 
/addene    To distribute stat points in Energy.
/addcom    To distribute stat points in Command. 

Guild commands:

Team    Description
/war    Declare war on another Guild.
/soccer    Offer another Guild to play football in the arena.

Commands for expressing emotions:

Team    Description
/Hi /Hello /Welcome    Bowing
/^^ /Haha    Laugh
/; /Sorry    Regret
/-_- /Huh /Pooh    Cross your arms
/Great    Raise your hands
/Bye    Wave goodbye
/Cold    Shivering from the cold
/Come    Call

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