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What is Kalima?
Kalima is the world of Lord Kundun. Only one who can collect the lost card, which consists of 5 parts, can enter it. There are 7 gates that players from certain levels can enter.

How to get to Kalima?
In order to get to the Kalima card, you need to have a ticket for passage - Lost Map. To get it, you need to get parts of the ticket - Symbol of Kundun. After you collect 5 identical parts of Symbol of Kundun, they will automatically turn into a Lost Map of the level that the parts of the ticket were.

Kundun is the boss who is at the end of Kalima 7. He has a special skill, after which you can’t damage him for 20 seconds, while restoring his health, so killing him is sometimes very difficult. After killing him, you may fall from three Ancient, Jewel, Exellent items or Sword.


Weapons: Knight Blade, Platina Staff, Albatross Bow, Dancer Blade, Shining Sceptr, Kundun, Bone Blade

Set: Venom Mist, Volcano, Sunlight, Sylphid Ray, Dragon Knight or more anc;

Jewel: Jewel of level, Jewel of exellent, Jewel of luck;

Next time, just like the Illusion of Kundun, the Kundun boss will appear after 12 hours from the time of his death.

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