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Castle Siege

Land of Trials

The battle for the castle every week on Saturday from 20:00 to 22:00 

The owners of the castle, the winning team, will manage and Land of Trials.
Land of Trials is an independent zone and ordinary players will not be able to get there if the owner of the castle does not allow them to do so.

Basic setting:

Click on Gurad to enter the Land of Trials.
The owner of the castle and members of his Guild can enter the area without permission.
Regular players who do not belong to the Guild of the owner of the castle or in the Guild - allies may not be allowed to this location, depending on the settings of the owner.
The use of Teleportation or the m key is not applicable in Land of Trials. (Entrance coordinates Valley of loren: 140, 101)
When dying in Land of Trials, a player will be rewarded near the entrance to the location.


The owner can change the price for entering the Land of Trials with the help of Guard'a.

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