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Castle Siege Weapons

The game added new weapons and shields for all classes called - Vikings.

They can only be created in the Loren Deep throne room of the Senior NPC.

The head of an alliance or clan holding the castle can try to cook a novelty.

The number of attempts per day is 1.

Chance of successfully brewing a new weapon or shield: 90%.

Number of cooking options: from 1 to 3.

Sharpening during cooking: from +9 to +13.

In order to put on a new weapon or shield, you must have completed 3 profession.




Vikings Lazy Wind Shield - Shield on BK;

Vikings Light Lord Shield - Shield on ME;

Vikings Dark Devil Shield - Shield on SM;

Vikings Magic Knight Shield - Shield on MG;

Vikings Ambition Shield - Shield on DL;

Vikings Miracle Staff - Staff on SM or MG;

Vikings Thunderbolt - Scepter on DL;

Vikings Horn of Steal - Horn on BK;

Vikings Dark Sword - Sword on MG;

Vikings Sonic Blade - Sword on BK;

Vikings Dark Bow - Bow on ME;

Vikings Dark Crossbow - Crossbow on ME.


Awakening Sword

Awakening Staff

Awakening Bow

Awakening Magic Sword

Awakening Scepter

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